ACP Waqa vows to look into an assumed special treatment

January 24, 2024 6:24 am

Fifita Tawake Toga (head covered by another police officer)

Police Chief of Crime, ACP Mesake Waqa, clarified yesterday afternoon that police officers are not allowed to cover the faces of accused people when they appear in court.

FBC News raised the question with the police following the appearance of Officer Fifita Tawake Toga in the Suva Magistrates Court yesterday for a charge of murder.

Toga was brought in a tinted vehicle, which ACP Waqa says is not right as it is also not in their standard procedure to produce an accused person in the manner done yesterday.

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Fifita Tawake Toga (head covered by another police officer)

We raised with ACP Waqa that ordinary Fijians are not brought in this manner and also questioned if the treatment seen today is a special one.

ACP Waqa says it should not have happened and he assures that they will look into what transpired yesterday.

Toga has been further remanded, and his case will be called in the High Court early next month.