RWC 2023

Botia impressed with support

August 14, 2023 4:34 pm

Levani Botia interacts with fans in Pornic in France.

Fiji Water Flying Fijians veteran Levani Botia couldn’t believe his eyes when he arrived at training with the rest of the team at Pornic in France.

In an exclusive interview with FBC Sports, Botia says just like Fijians, the French love their rugby as well.

Botia says many fans are from his club, La Rochelle, and they’re interested in the team because of the Top 14 stars in the national side.

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He says they’re really thankful for the support they getting in France.

“So once we came up we saw so many people turn up watching the training, we didn’t expect this, this is how the supporters live and how they support rugby.”

Close to 1000 fans packed the ground yesterday in Pornic, France.

Pornic which is a municipality of over 17,000 people is hosting the national side ahead of its Test against France on Sunday.

Some fans travelled more than two hours from La Rochelle which is 186 kilometres away to watch their favourite player, Botia.