Students graduate from the Conservatorium of Dance

December 3, 2021 4:15 pm

Twelve students from the Conservatorium of Dance are living their passion and dream as they graduated today.

This is the second graduation of students from this program and the objective is to train dancers to a high professional standard that will enable them to not only work locally but internationally as well.

Head of Conservatorium of Dance, Sachiko Soro, says graduation is another milestone for arts education in Fiji as the diploma received by the students will take their skills to a professional level in the creative industries.

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Soro says they also play a vital role in the tourism industry.

“The dance industry and the tourism are quite interdependent and so a lot of these dancers will probably find work in the tourism industry offering unique and authentic experiences to our guests.”

The Conservatorium of Dance anticipates that the potential of having a Diploma in Dance program in Fiji can open up a whole new economic sector in the creative industries.