Partnerships formed out of fear: PM

September 21, 2022 6:40 am

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama. [File Photo]

Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama says some political parties have formed partnerships before the General Election out of fear.

Speaking to Auckland, New Zealand-based Radio Tarana, Bainimarama says he, however, cannot comment on their decisions and insecurities, which are getting obvious as the country prepares for the polls.

Bainimarama says the 2013 constitution empowers any Fijian with the right to stand up and contest the General Election as no one person is given favour or an unfair advantage.

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“There are some political parties in Fiji that have decided to throw in the towel on their own supporters by forming coalition parties even before elections. Some have come to this decision out of fear that they do not have the ability to win and lead the country on their own.”

However, Bainimarama says he cannot say much about their decisions.

He adds he can only speak for himself and what the country has achieved under his leadership.

“People of Fiji recognizes government of substance, while others are empty vessels that just make noise without any real solutions or given us an alternative.”

He is urging all eligible voters to come forward and have a say in the next General Election.