Usamate defends new President, dismisses lies 

December 2, 2021 12:45 pm

Minister for Infrastructure, Jone Usamate [Source: Fijian Parliament]

Minister for Infrastructure, Jone Usamate says he is astounded at the disrespect shown by some Opposition MPs towards President, Ratu Wiliame Katonivere.

Speaking in Parliament, Usamate says some of these MPs showed appreciation towards the President’s address but belittled him after.

The Minister says he finds it distasteful to hear negative comments towards Ratu Wiliame.

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Usamate says the Opposition is two-faced with fork tongue-speaking.

“Such disrespect have come from those who in this parliament have repeatedly purported to uphold respect accorded to chiefs, they thank him for his most gracious address and in the same breath they belittle him, this Mr. Speaker sir is two-faced.”

He says Ratu Wiliame brings into play his own experience from being a farmer, soldier, director of companies and a traditional leader.

In defending Ratu Wiliame, he says the now-President was appointed on a basis of merit because of his experiences and achievements over the years.

Usamate also raises concerns saying the scare tactics of ethnicity have also started again.

He says attacks against Muslims have surfaced again ahead of another General Election as we have seen in the past.

“This week on social media, I have seen allegations made about Muslims in Fiji taking over the country. Prior to previous elections, we saw social media posts about the government building having a similar Dom to Muslim temples, scare-mongering happening, even though that building was built by the British ages ago.”

He urges members of parliament to put the long-term interest of the nation first as lies have the potential to destroy democracy, the economy and the collective future of the people.