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Opposition appeals to Government for a change in attitude

November 27, 2018 7:02 pm

The Opposition is appealing to the government to bring about change of attitude that is more inclusive to reflect the votes of Fijians.

Opposition MP, Viliame Gavoka in his maiden speech asked the government for an inclusive parliament which doesn’t only push the agenda of FijiFirst.

“Appeal to the other side to have a change in attitude for a parliament that is more inclusive and one that will bring about a parliament that is more responsible to the people and not one that only FijiFirst wants to dominate. The votes are telling us in very specific terms they don’t want you to continue to behave the way you have in the last four years.”

Opposition MP, Mosese Bulitavu who served in the last term claims majority of Fijians want change.

“There is a shift of public opinion – the result of the election are clearly a rejection over regulation, over taxation of the lives of our people. This is a signal of the end of constitutional dictatorship and selfish leadership.”

However, Education Minister, Rosy Akbar rubbished these claims.

“In its years of service in government, FijiFirst has proved that our fear were experienced growing up were unfounded and that Fiji is indeed for all Fijians.
FijiFirst record during its four year term speaks volume for its efforts to spearhead the advancement for our country. The Fiji we now live in is unrecognizable from the Fiji of the past decades.”

Akbar states the government in the last four years has put the best interest of all Fijians first.