Calls for stronger integration of iTaukei culture in curriculum

May 29, 2024 3:00 pm

The disconnect between classroom learning, iTaukei culture, and traditions was a key issue highlighted by students at the Ratu Sukuna Education and Culture Symposium held in Suva today.

Participants expressed concerns about the minimal inclusion of Vosa Vakaviti (iTaukei language) in the school curriculum, where it is currently an optional subject rather than a compulsory one.

Suva Grammar School student Eliki Baleinakama emphasized the need for Vosa Vakaviti to be made a mandatory part of the curriculum to ensure that all students have a thorough understanding of the Fijian language.

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“We need to make Venacular classes to be compulsory to enhance i-Taukei culture and understand the way of life, so vernacular classes or Vosa Vakaviti should be compulsory in every secondary school now.”

Other students echoed a similar sentiment, calling for a more comprehensive approach to teaching Fijian culture and traditions alongside the study of other cultures.

Moderator Simioni Sevurere highlighted the importance of student participation in these discussions, noting that they represent the future leaders of Fiji.

He emphasized that their insights are critical in shaping educational policies that preserve and promote Fijian cultural heritage.

The Ratu Sukuna Day celebrations will continue tomorrow, providing further opportunities for reflection and discussion on the role of education in cultural preservation.