People have switched careers: CIC

August 15, 2022 5:30 am

[File Photo]

Just like a number of other sectors, the construction sector is also facing challenges with lack of skills and education.

As the sector is slowly getting back to its feet after the pandemic, but the lack of well-trained workers is piling pressure on many construction companies.

The Construction Industry Council is now looking at ways to address this gap.

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CIC President Gordon Jenkins says the pandemic has caused a lot of disruptions and, in an effort to survive, many people have switched careers.

“Over the last two years, what we are finding is that, there are a lot of people that could be with us, but are not with us, and I do believe if they can upskill themselves and do that, they will even be better in the construction industry.

Jenkins says to fill the skills gap, the sector is now scouting for workers overseas.

“We can’t train somebody in five minutes. It takes years, and that’s too long. So to be able to get the industry back it its feet again there needs to be short courses and learn how to do some of these things.”

The government is aware of the challenges faced by many sectors locally that are struggling to find the right people to get the job. It is therefore putting a lot of emphasis on Technical and Vocational Training.

Many of the workers in the sector currently are TVET graduates.

The Council stresses that the construction sector is not dependent on higher education but mostly on vocational training.