Health Ministry warns of a third wave

November 23, 2021 5:01 am

Fiji should expect a third wave of the virus outbreak if COVID-safe measures are not followed.

This is the sound warning from the Ministry of Health as Fiji heads into the festive season and the high number of public gatherings.

Permanent Secretary for Health Doctor James Fong says COVID-safe measures are being increasingly flouted and ignored.

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Dr Fong adds that the Ministry continues to prepare to have the wave of severe cases in hospitals.

He adds that the public needs to embrace society-wide promotion and compliance with COVID safe measures to ensure the third wave is small; a wave we learn to live with and learn from.

Meanwhile, Fiji has recorded 15 new cases, of which seven were recorded on Saturday and eight in the 24 hour period ending at 8 am yesterday.

There is no COVID-19 death recorded.

600,427 people or 97.1% of adults have received one dose and 557,486 people or 90.2% of the target population are now fully vaccinated.