Duo recharged for 2018 drug case

January 30, 2024 6:41 am

Former flight attendant Justin Ho

Former flight attendants Justin Ho and his accomplice Frederick Epeli whose drug case was discontinued after exhibits went missing from Namaka Police Station have been charged again.

In that matter, Justin Ho and Fredrick Epeli were charged with one count of attempted unlawful exportation of illicit drugs

It was alleged that on 23rd December 2018, without lawful authority, they attempted to export 2015.7 grams of cocaine to Sydney, Australia.

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It was also alleged the 32-year-old, along with Epeli engaged in the dealing for the transfer, transport, supply, use, manufacture, and sale of cocaine and illicit drugs.

However, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution had filed a nolle prosqui in 2020 after the exhibits went missing and Police were advised to conduct an investigation.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Crime, Mesake Waqa confirms the two are now charged with one count of unlawful exportation of illicit drugs and lawful possession of illicit drugs.

They appeared in the Nadi Magistrates Court yesterday for this charge as well.

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