AG urges review of conditions for elderly and medically vulnerable inmates

March 14, 2023 6:53 am

Attorney General Siromi Turaga has called for an urgent review of the conditions faced by elderly and medically vulnerable inmates in the Fiji Corrections Service vicinities.

Turaga revealed that there are currently 71 inmates over the age of 60, and expressed concern that the Correction Act does not currently provide for those with medical conditions.

He suggested that countries like Australia and New Zealand could offer valuable insights into managing the issue, but acknowledged that alternative solutions may need to be found within the existing framework of the Correction Act.

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“How do we deal with that some are wearing diapers, some have no risk if they are release soon the issue is should we keep them at the corrections or should they be released.”

Turaga also emphasized the importance of considering individual circumstances, noting that some inmates may have come from broken homes and may require different forms of support.

As discussions on policy continue, Turaga says the best care may ultimately be provided at home.

However, urgent action is needed to address the needs of elderly and medically vulnerable inmates at FCS.

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