Tuiloa’s contract expires:Tawake

March 10, 2023 12:31 pm

Tevita Tuiloa

The contract of interim Fiji Rugby Union chief executive Tevita Tuiloa has expired.

This is according to FRU Board Chair Humphrey Tawake.

FBC Sports understands that today is Tuiloa’s last day as interim CEO.

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Tawake says the Board will decide who’ll replace Tuiloa

Tevita Tuiloa was appointed by the FRU Board on January 6th after the resignation of then CEO John O’Connor.

Earlier this week Tuiloa raised a number of issues on social media which includes player welfare.

He said in his post that double Olympic gold medalist Jerry Tuwai is yet to receive the $33,000 to build his house as promised by the previous government in 2021 and some of our stars who have done a lot for Fiji are earning $15,000 a year. The post was later removed.