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NRL denies rejecting league pregnancy and leave policy

February 1, 2023 4:13 pm

[Source: 1News]

The NRL and Rugby League Players Association are continuing to spar over the collective bargaining agreement and the inclusion of a pregnancy and parental leave policy.

After reports they had tried to block a new policy, the NRL issued a statement rejecting such claims and saying they had been working with NRLW clubs and the RLPA since October 2022 on the new framework.

In a statement, the NRL said that it has moved to provide clarity in regard to incorrect and misleading statements made on social media concerning the NRLW pregnancy and parental policy, and private health insurance.

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The NRL has an absolute focus on ensuring progressive and contemporary support mechanisms and playing conditions for NRLW players who are pregnant or new parents.

However, the RLPA put out its own statement later on Tuesday disputing the NRL’s timeline, saying the governing body did not want the policy to be part of the CBA.

The NRL says the new policy ensures pregnant players had contract security and were able to move to a safe job.

Among the inclusions, the NRL will provide financial support of paid player parental cover per season and also financial support to clubs for replacement players.