Take up policy-making spaces: Kiran

December 1, 2023 12:26 pm

Participants in the Women in Tech program have been challenged and encouraged to be part of the policy-making space in the country.

This has been highlighted by Assistant Minister for Women, Sashi Kiran, while officiating at the inaugural Women in Tech symposium this morning.

Kiran says that policy changes regarding gender gaps in tech will only happen if women are part of the decision-making process, including leadership and board members.

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Kiran adds there was a generation of women who were breaking barriers and pushing for change, and it’d time for women to continue the move for change to another level.

“Being with the people for the last 25 years on the ground, understanding their issue, and for me personally, it helps me better to negotiate with the differentiated minister or engage and talk about the challenges. So a policy-making shift has to happen, and women have to engage no matter how hard it is.”

Sashi Kiran

Women in Tech is the first of its kind in the country, coordinated by Outsource Fiji, bringing women in tech to discuss the issues and challenges and how they can collaborate to change the industry through more female involvement.