New policy to foster growth in planted forests

March 4, 2024 5:02 am

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Fiji’s cultivated forestry sector centres around two primary tree varieties—pine and mahogany.

It also forms the basis of the existing plantation forest industry.

In this sector, planted forests cover a range of efforts including commercial forestry plantations, privately-owned woodlots, agro-forestry practices and community-led tree-planting initiatives.

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Fiji has created policies and laws to boost the growth of planted forests in its territories.

The Cabinet has given its approval to support the development of a new Planted Forest Policy under the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation’s Technical Cooperation Program.

The aim is to finalize the Forest Plantation Policy by reviewing the draft, aligning it with recent policy changes, fixing identified issues and ensuring it adheres to Fiji’s global commitments, sustainable development goals and best practices.

Once completed, the policy will guide the sustainable management and use of planted forests, adapting to different situations and changing economic, climate and geographical conditions.

The project is expected to take 12 months involving consultations with relevant agencies, industries and stakeholders to finalize the draft Policy.

The estimated cost for completing the project is over $300,000.