Need to continue investing in our people: DPM

February 18, 2024 5:04 pm

Deputy Prime Minister Viliame Gavoka outlined the nation’s economic trajectory and the pivotal role of sustainability in the tourism industry.

Speaking at the ANZ Fiji Tourism Excellence Awards, Gavoka expresses optimism regarding Fiji’s medium-term economic growth, foreseeing a return to pre-pandemic levels with an average of around 3.0 percent.

While celebrating the industry’s successes, Gavoka stresses the importance of acknowledging and addressing the challenges that lie ahead.

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One of the key concerns highlighted by Gavoka was the issue of skills loss and capacity constraints within the tourism sector and other productive industries.

Viliame Gavoka speaking at the ANZ Fiji Tourism Excellence Awards

He states the necessity for sustainable growth strategies to overcome these hurdles effectively.

“That means, we will have to work even harder to maintain your competitiveness as a business, and ours as a destination. We need to continue to invest in our products, our people and our services – with greater focus on our environment.”

Gavoka also reflects on the significant milestones achieved in Fiji’s journey towards sustainability and equity within the tourism sector.

He particularly emphasizes the imminent launch of the Fiji Sustainable Tourism Framework, slated for April.

This framework, according to Gavoka, will serve as a comprehensive guide for sustainability initiatives within the tourism industry.

It aims to ensure that tourism practices not only uphold environmental responsibility but also prioritize cultural sensitivity and social equity.