Need to change the farming system in the North

March 6, 2024 11:49 am

There is a need to change the farming and productive systems in the Northern Division Agriculture System to rebuild and regenerate soil for future generations.

This has been highlighted by Soil Scientist at the Pacific Community, Dr Rohit Lal, as most of the crop production systems in the Division are based on the monocropping system, which is not very beneficial to soil fertility.

He says this is one of the major challenges faced by farmers and agriculture officers on both commercial and agricultural farms.

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Dr Lal says the soil training workshop will help farmers to gain a better understanding of how to increase productivity.

“We want to educate them so that they can give sustainable advice, that’s to build soil or organic matter and build soil rather than destroy it. So it’s one of a kind, the first one in the northern division, and I hope these extension officers will pass on this information to the farmers and the future generation in understanding the importance of our soil and land.”

The training will benefit the agriculture extension staff in the Northern Division to better communicate and work with the farmers on the one health approach for disease control and prevention.