More body cameras needed: ACP Lutunauga

August 31, 2023 12:53 pm

Assistant Commissioner of Police Aporosa Lutunauga has told the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs of the need to invest in more body cameras.

ACP Lutunauga made this recommendation while making a submission on the Fiji Police Force 2021–2022 annual report this week.

He says this is needed for accountability and transparency.

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The Acting Commissioner of Police highlighted that having more body cameras will ensure that officers are performing their duties diligently.

“We have vehicles, but sometimes it’s the attitude of police officers and the frontline. However, I would like to assure you that training phases are in place to address these issues, and another issue is that, as far as feedback is concerned, complaints against police are feedback where police officers do not provide timely feedback on the status of the investigations.”

Lutunauga says having more body cameras is still part of the Fiji Police’s 50-year plan.

Currently, Fiji Police are using body cameras, but they are limited to a few officers, such as the Search and Rescue Team, Police Mobile Forces, and Criminal Investigation Department officers.