Ministry urges women to be positive role models

May 12, 2024 4:56 pm

The Women’s Ministry of Lami Methodist Church were all smiles today, adorned in their meticulously crafted dresses achieved through months of fundraising.

Beyond the attire, these mothers have diligently prepared to uplift and empower women with the wisdom of the Lord, emphasizing living a purpose-driven life.

On this Mother’s Day their message resonates: ‘Be a woman with a purpose,’ encouraging personal fulfilment and serving as role models for their families and communities.

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Treasurer, Bulou Keva is encouraging women to be positive role models for themselves, their families, and children on this day.

“Be a woman with a purpose, go about life with a purpose for your own self, and for your family, for your children that they can look up to and follow what you think they should be doing in their lives. So this year’s theme has been quite important for us especially in these days of drugs and technologies that is not being used for what it is supposed to be used for.”

Keva also shares how preparation for this day has been hectic, but they are finally grateful to wear their fundraising custom-made uniforms today.

“It’s been a long preparation, I think from February we have been fundraising for our uniforms as you can see today, the ladies are looking beautiful in their new uniform.”

83-year-old Arieta Koroi expresses gratitude for being able to be part of the event.

“We all look forward to this day, that is Mother’s Day. I am thankful that we have been able to conduct the service. For those that could not make it, due to commitments and even for those are ill – let us share the joy of this special day.”

As we reflect on this day, let us remember the resilience found in togetherness and the boundless strength of a mother’s love, which knows no obstacle too great.