Huge vacancies in civil service: Chand

December 11, 2023 4:53 pm

There is about 20 to 25 percent of vacancies available in civil service which is equivalent to about a couple thousand vacant positions.

Permanent Secretary of Civil Service, Parmesh Chand revealed this at the launch of the Mini-Careers Expo today.

The main aim of this expo is to fill in the skills gap that is present in various ministries due to migration and transfer of workers.

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The Permanent Secretary emphasizes that civil service is very inclusive and does not discriminate and takes in individuals who meet the minimum requirement.

“We would like to emphasize is that civil service is about diversity in terms of gender in terms of ethnicity as well as in terms of social inclusion we do not discrete in terms of their ability, we give equal opportunity to all”.

Permanent Secretary of Civil Service, Parmesh Chand

Meanwhile, Tarusila Turagadati, a participant at the career’s expo says that this expo helped her get tailor made information that suits her education.

“It was very helpful coming in, I had a career path in mind but now after going through all the tents and having the discussion it’s more specific and tailor-made to my program”.

Those who wish to pursue a path in civil service can head down to government service building in suva to get detail advise on the career paths in the government.