Kavaganasau residents highlight ongoing problems 

January 9, 2024 7:50 am

Residents of Kavaganasau, Sigatoka raised several issues during a public consultation with Deputy Prime Minister Biman Prasad.

Advisory Councilor Gopal Naidu highlights the pressing problems faced by the community, including water scarcity, road infrastructure challenges, insufficient bus services, and a perceived lack of responsiveness from the local police.

During the consultation, residents expressed their frustration with the ongoing problems, emphasizing the daily impact it has on their lives.

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Naidu says he hopes their issues would be looked into as it affects thousands who live in the area.

“The main issue was the road, water and bus services. The bus hasn’t been running for the 10,000 people in our area for the last 15 years.”

Responding to the concerns, Deputy Prime Minister Prasad assured the residents their issues were noted and would be thoroughly investigated.

He acknowledges that in some instances, the delivery service fell short of expectations and pledged to address the identified gaps.

“So sometimes it’s not the funds, it’s not just the money, sometimes the funds are available, the money is available, the service delivery can be poor.” 

Prasad will continue his tour of the West today.