Holi event aims to attract large crowd

March 30, 2024 12:27 pm

[File Photo]

Despite the rainy weather, the Fijian Broadcasting Corporation’s FMF Mirchi FM and Radio Fiji 2 Non-Stop Holi masti event remains undeterred, gearing up to host a series of lively activities today.

FBC’s Events Manager Shivneel Maharaj, acknowledges the challenging weather conditions but expresses optimism about the turnout, anticipating a vibrant crowd eager to take part in the Holi festivities.

Maharaj anticipates attendees from across the country, highlighting the event’s widespread appeal and the enthusiasm of participants to celebrate Holi despite the weather conditions.

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“I got some calls from Western and also from the Northern Division. Some of the people will be coming down to this event only just to celebrate Holi. Together with this, we also have heaps of prizes for the giveaways. We got one mountain bike as well for giveaways, so I urge all the people of Fiji to come down and celebrate holi with us.”

The event will be held at Damodar City car park which begins from 3pm till 8pm.