Finance Minister supports IMF report

March 13, 2024 12:25 pm

Minister for Finance and National Planning Professor Biman Prasad

Minister for Finance and National Planning Professor Biman Prasad, expresses his support for the International Monetary Fund reports on Fiji’s economic activities.

The IMF reports that Fiji should anticipate a three percent growth this year although it faces downside risks and the post-pandemic rebound has been strong and growth is now returning to a historical trend.

Professor Prasad emphasizes that the report is based on facts, contrary to the generalizations being made regarding our economic activities.

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“It is based on data that has been provided by the Bureau of Statistics, provided by the Reserve Bank of Fiji, so it is contrary to all broad lies, generalizations, and motherhood statements about a lack of economic direction in the country.”

The Finance Minister highlights that the report reflects the real development that Fiji’s economic recovery is currently experiencing, which is spearheaded by the Coalition Government.

He reiterated the government’s commitment to ensuring a strong and sustainable economic recovery for Fiji.

The minister’s endorsement of the reports adds credibility to their findings and indicates the government’s confidence in its economic policies.