Fiji’s real estate sector thriving

January 30, 2024 4:37 pm

Bayshore Fiji Realestate Director Arif Khan says the demand for home ownership is growing in Fiji.

Khan says Fiji has some of the most attractive interest rates which is at an all-time low when compared to the global market.

He advises that investing in residential properties is a better option in the long run.

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“So when you look at the rent-to-own index, I would say with the increase of demand for units and the increase of rental prices, it’s better for an individual to own a property. You create your own appreciation, you pay down the houses. So we are looking at that situation right now.”

Khan adds as demand for housing increasing they have shortages which leads to price hikes.

Khan says it is an ideal time for the different stakeholders as well as realtors to come up with a strategic plan to address these housing issues.