Draft framework looks at unity and inclusivity

March 5, 2024 3:25 pm

[Source: Ministry of Multi-Ethnic Affairs & Sugar/Facebook]

The Ministry of Multi-Ethnic Affairs has completed its draft framework and is in the process of presenting it to the communities.

The draft framework has been prepared in collaboration with New Zealand-based consultant Dr. Rajend Prasad and Radhe Nand.

It signifies a milestone in fostering unity and inclusivity within Fiji’s diverse communities.

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The draft framework aims at cultivating trust and respect amongst communities, as well as fostering stronger ties between the government and its citizens.

The framework envisions Fiji as a socially cohesive nation where individuals from all backgrounds – regardless of ethnicity, caste, creed, culture, tradition, language, or religion – can coexist harmoniously in an integrated and inclusive manner.

[Source: Ministry of Multi-Ethnic Affairs & Sugar/Facebook]

Throughout the second phase of consultation, the framework has been presented to communities across the country, garnering widespread support.

The presentations, conducted in the Central, Western, and Northern Divisions, saw the involvement of district officers, advisory councilors, religious leaders, and representatives from various communities.

Minister Charan Jeath Singh says he is looking forward to receiving the final document on Friday.