Discussions underway to include students in FNPF scheme

May 23, 2024 7:15 am

Discussions are underway for students that are registered under the School Employment Exposure Program to be registered into the volunteering FNPF scheme.

This was highlighted by the Minister for Employment, Productivity, and Industrial Relations, Agni Deo Singh, while responding to the question posed by the opposition member of Parliament.

Singh adds that students are able to benefit from the SEEP initiative as it enables them to get proper training and exposure to the job market.

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“Under the scheme last year, a total of 111 graduates’s volunteers were engaged with local employers, including government miniseries for the current financial year. A total of 122 graduates’s employers are engaged. Mr. Speaker, sir, my ministry also reviewed the volunteer allowance from the previous $120 per week as an incentive to support volunteerism, where graduate volunteers are now paid $190 a weekly allowance, and out of this 50%, or $90, is paid by the host employer, and the balance is paid by the ministry.”

Opposition Member of Parliament Penioni Ravunawa acknowledged the vitality of the program that is being introduced by the government.

“We really, really thank the minister for these voluntary programs, and it is crucial that the program be thoroughly evaluated to ensure that it delivers practical benefits without compromising the overall learning experience”.

A total of 28 secondary schools in the central division have participated in this year’s program, and for the first time, schools from rural areas have also participated in such programs.