Climate Change

Climate change a security issue in the Pacific

February 6, 2024 6:15 am

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Pacific leaders have rightly declared climate change a security issue, recognizing the far-reaching impacts on stability and peace in our region.

This was highlighted by Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka at the recent EU Indo-Pacific Ministerial Forum.

He says that the Pacific Islands are facing an existential crisis, encompassing the impacts of climate change on homes, ancestral lands, food systems or livelihoods, sovereignty, and dignity.

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Rabuka says that the stuck reality faced by many coastal communities across the blue Pacific is the costly process of relocating individuals, families, and communities in response to the rise in seas.

“We want to work together with partners in the Indo-Pacific to protect our vast ocean space. The EU is the key partner in our pursuit of a peaceful and secure Pacific region. Excellencies I urged you all to reaffirm our commitment to shaping a future where peace, prosperity, and environmental stewardship prevail.”

Rabuka has also acknowledged and welcomed the EU’s commitment to environmental stewardship and the significant strides made in promoting green and climate-friendly policies.