BAF empowers SMEs with e-commerce training

January 14, 2024 7:07 am

Business Assistance Fiji has conducted several trainings for small and medium enterprises to enhance their businesses through e-commerce.

This was highlighted by the general manager of BAF while emphasizing that the training they provide covers e-commerce, financial bookkeeping, management, and cooperative skills.

BAF General Manager Ramesh Chand says the training has enhanced growth and development opportunities for the SMEs.

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Ramesh Chand says that entrepreneurs have recognized the significance of e-commerce following the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think since Covid, entrepreneurs and people have realized the importance of e-commerce and while it is a bit difficult for the older entrepreneurs, I think it is quite well received by the young entrepreneurs.”

Chand says numerous SMEs are attempting to transition to online business and many SMEs are gradually adapting to promoting their products online.