Association works on installing more CCTV cameras

June 1, 2023 7:39 am

More surveillance cameras will be installed in the Capital City in four months, as the Suva Retailers Association is working closing with the City Council and the Police Force.

The cameras were to be installed by March this year, but Association President, Jitesh Patel, says the project was delayed due to a number of reasons.

Patel’s comment comes after the force raised concerns that there has been a lack of response by business houses in Suva in the installation of cameras.

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Director of Operations, SSP Kasiano Vusonilawe says a number of hot-spot areas prone to criminal activities do not have CCTV.

“Only few areas are covered, but we are continually having consultations with the Retailers Association in Suva and they have promised us to purchase those cameras because we have done the surveillance with comms unit but until today there is no progress on that.”

However, Patel says a number of logistics need to be looked at before installing these cameras.

“We had little bit of issues on the location of cameras in certain areas because we needed approval from certain people and also because we are working with the (Suva City) Council on this.”

Patel says they’ve partnered with Bondwell who is assisting in getting the CCTV.

He adds they’ve worked with the force to identify the hot-spots where these surveillance cameras need to be installed.