A challenging yet successful year: Navy Commander

December 11, 2023 12:56 pm

The Republic of the Fiji Navy is looking back on a year where they overcame many obstacles to achieve remarkable successes in safeguarding our oceans, fisheries, and natural resources.

Navy Commander, Commander Humphery Tawake, says they maintained a formidable presence at sea, spending approximately 266 days actively patrolling critical areas and saving 215 lives at sea.

“For us, being present at sea is a deterrent for those who want to do illegal activities. And we’ve got that, which is supported by our technology. And so we’re doing it smartly. Second, we’ve saved around 215 lives at sea through our search and rescue coordination.”

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Navy Commander Commander Humphery Tawake

Tawake says this sustained presence served as a powerful deterrent against illegal activities, reinforcing the importance of maritime security in the region.

Reflecting on a fruitful year of operations, the Fiji Navy held its farewell parade this morning at the RFNS Stanley Brown Base at Walu Bay.