$1.7 million water project for Bilo Settlement begins

February 2, 2024 5:54 am

[Source: Water Authority of Fiji/ Facebook]

Accessing clean and safe drinking water for the people of Bilo settlement will soon be a thing of the past after the Water Authority of Fiji announced the commencement of the much needed project this month.

The Bilo settlement pipeline water extension project will benefit a total of 350 Fijians in the area.

WAF Chief Executive Dr. Amit Chanan and his team visited Bilo Settlement outside Lami for a walk-through of the soon-to-be implemented Bilo Water Pipeline Extension project today.

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[Source: Water Authority of Fiji/ Facebook]

Dr. Chanan confirms that the project will cost about $1.7 million, with work commencing soon.

[Source: Water Authority of Fiji/ Facebook]

The project will include the installation of approximately 3km of pipeline, a new water pump station, an extension of electricity grid supply, and a new reservoir dedicated to Bilo settlement.

[Source: Water Authority of Fiji/ Facebook]

WAF Chief Infrastructure Delivery Officer Sourav Majumder adds that WAF aims to have all relevant works completed later this year.

The absence of a clean water supply has been a major concern for residents of Bilo settlements over the years.