Navua market construction under spotlight

November 27, 2023 12:23 pm

Navua market [File Photo]

The Ministry of Local Government is currently working on finding a better and more suitable location to relocate the Navua Market.

This was confirmed by Minister, Maciu Nalumisa, in parliament, highlighting that the project was not well planned under the previous government.

Nalumisa adds no feasibility study was carried out for the location, which the government is currently looking at.

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“Because that is part of our vision and mission to also make Navua a township later, few services, few facilities, infrastructure that we want to ensure that we do it right before we declare Navua a town.”

Local Government Minister, Maciu Nalumisa

Meanwhile, in 2022, a sum of $200,000 was allocated to assist in the planning and design of the new market.

The proposal could be endorsed and factored into the 2023–24 National Budget.

The new market was initially planned to be constructed at the site where the Navua Police Station is currently located.