Taveuni fishermen ready for business venture

January 26, 2024 5:56 am

Fishermen from Waiyevo, Taveuni, already have a business plan in mind upon receiving boats and engines that will alleviate their challenges and put them on a strong financial footing.

This assistance comes through the Ministry of Rural and Maritime Development’s Seafaring Entrepreneurial Assistance Program.

Father of six, Jashwant Prasad, says he will now diversify from farming to the fishing business.

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“I have a farm where I engage in kava and dalo farming. However, due to the age of my land, there has been a decline in productivity, and the size of the dalo has reduced. So, I applied for a boat to earn a better living, as I have eight members in my family.”

Another recipient, Dhirendra Din, says the small punt previously posed many challenges; however, he can now go to sea for fishing worry-free.

“I had a small boat, and I used to face a lot of challenges while going out to sea, especially during rough seas. However, the new boat is big and safe too.”

Minister for Rural and Maritime Development Sakiasi Ditoka is currently touring Taveuni to provide assistance to the people and listen to their problems firsthand.

Ditoka says the ministry looks forward to the economic contributions that can be made through this assistance.