Political parties and human rights

May 19, 2022 4:40 pm

Political parties need to communicate to the public how they will incorporate policies that safeguard human rights into their manifestos.

Tonight, the Citizen’s Constitutional Forum is hosting a public panel discussion with political party leaders to discuss human rights issues in Fiji that has been worsened by COVID-19.

CCF Chief Executive Officer, Louchrisha Hussain says the Forum is not affiliated with any political party but is important for the team to reactivate its role in convening safe spaces for public discourse and discussions on human rights and developments in the country.

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“It is about building trust amongst citizens through democratic process and taking necessary actions for accountability and transparency as expected of leaders after any election process.”

The Forum is encouraging political parties to talk about human rights relating to the right to health, life, social, security, equality, freedom of expression, and others.

Social Democratic Liberal Party Leader, Viliame Gavoka says he will work to ensure that the party’s coverage of human rights issues is vast.

He adds that the party will state the issues raised by Fijians and how best they will work on rectifying them.


“The more we engage the public, the better is our preparation towards the election.”

Unity Fiji party Leader, Savenaca Narube says panel discussions as such will enable political parties to engage and find ways on how best they can work to better the status of human rights in Fiji.

“Those rights would be the right to health – our health infrastructure and services are scrambling and we have evidence of that so rather than denying, I think we can just try and get solutions to help people.”

CCF has reiterated that such discussions will allow political parties to talk on issues pertaining to human rights in Fiji and also on how best they will work to bridge the gaps.