PM acknowledges indelible mark left by Patel

January 9, 2024 4:23 pm

Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka today paid tribute to the late Vinod Chandra Patel, acknowledging the indelible mark he left on Fiji’s business community.

Patel, a visionary entrepreneur, founder of the Vinod Patel Group played a pivotal role in shaping the economic landscape of the nation.

Rabuka expresses deep appreciation for Patel’s tireless efforts, highlighting the substantial impact of Patel’s company, which employed a significant number of individuals.

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The Prime Minister stresses the ripple effect, emphasizing that behind each employee were families and dependents whose livelihoods were intricately linked to Patel’s contributions.

“We cannot get rid of the sorrow we feel, we sympathize for the members of the family, but I urge us all to be thankful to God and to be proud to be citizens of the same country that they gave their all and that is Fiji, their toils have benefitted us all.”

Delivering his eulogy also, Deputy Prime Minister Biman Prasad says that Patel was a man who would not compromise his principals.

Prasad also states that Patel was a trustee of the NFP and worked tirelessly in advocating for equality.

“His DNA was all about self-dignity, humility, equality and justice. He wasn’t a man who would compromise his principals he wasn’t a man who was about self-interest”

In a solemn gathering at Vinod Patel ground in Ba, hundreds assembled to honor the memory of Patel.

The somber occasion drew a diverse crowd, with family, friends, and business associates from across the nation coming together to remember and celebrate the legacy of the departed soul.

Patel passed away in Lautoka last Friday at the age of 84.