LTA cracks down on reckless drivers

March 14, 2024 4:14 pm

In a bid to improve road safety, the Land Transport Authority has taken decisive action against reckless drivers, cancelling 98 licenses and suspending four since August last year.

LTA Acting Chief Executive Officer Irimaia Rokosawa emphasized the Authority’s zero-tolerance policy for irresponsible driving behavior.

He says that repeat offenders face the risk of license suspension or cancellation.

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While strict measures are in place for repeat offenders, Rokosawa says 18 drivers received counseling for traffic violations and unsafe driving.

Additionally, LTA customer service officers issued 921 warning letters, including 465 in the Central Eastern Division, 384 in the West, and 72 in the North.

The acting CEO says continued reckless behaviors on Fiji’s roads will not be tolerated, and the authority will not hesitate to suspend or cancel the driver’s license of repeat offenders.

Rokosawa says these measures aim to ensure the safety of all road users and reduce the incidence of preventable accidents due to speeding, dangerous, and careless driving behaviors.

He says driver license cancellations and suspensions are decisive actions against irresponsible driving, as these measures underscore the authority’s commitment to prioritizing road safety.