High Court sees alarming rise in sexual offenses

December 9, 2023 12:36 pm

Acting DPP John Rabuku

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions has revealed shocking statistics concerning sexual offences in the High Court alone.

Acting DPP John Rabuku shared concerning figures spanning from 2017 to October 2023, indicating a total of 3,799 sexual offences recorded in the High Court.

Rabuku highlighted this during the Attorney General’s Conference, stating that of these offences, a staggering 1,744 accused persons have been charged, with 1,654 victims affected.

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He says the most concerning is the revelation that 1,102 victims were under the age of 18, signifying the vulnerability of children in these cases.

“There were 750 offences that occurred in domestic relationships or where the accused persons were known to the victim. The statistics show that a high number of rape and sexual assault cases in the country are committed by persons who are in a domestic relationship with the victim, and most importantly, that there is an alarming number of child victims.”

In 2016, the DPP’s office began publishing statistics on the number of rape, sexual assault, and serious sexual assault cases throughout Fiji.

Rabuku says they began to publish these statistics so that the public would be aware of the extent of the problem.

He says the most alarming aspect is the persistently high number of child victims, indicating a pressing need for specific measures to protect this vulnerable demographic.

The Acting DPP emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach to tackle this crisis, urging authorities to address the root causes, enhance preventive measures, and strengthen the legal framework for prosecuting offenders.

The Office of the DPP remains committed to addressing this disturbing trend and working collaboratively with relevant stakeholders to ensure the safety and well-being of all citizens.