Gunman who was part of 2000 coup backs FijiFirst

May 20, 2022 4:55 pm

Maciu Naqari

One of the gunmen who helped overthrow the Labor-led government in 2000 has shown his support for the FijiFirst.

Maciu Naqari was part of a group that stormed the parliament complex in Veiuto, Suva exactly 22-years ago yesterday.

Speaking at a FijiFirst campaign rally at Korovuto College in Nadi last night, Naqari says what FijiFirst has achieved in the past few years cannot be matched by others.

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“Let us vote wisely because of what I have been through. I’ve been used big time by these old politicians that are campaigning again. I want to say this, if we are not going to be smart enough to use our brains to vote for FijiFirst, we are going to go back to Rabuka back then.”

Maciu Naqari

Naqari had served time for his part in George Speight’s coup of 2000, and now believes the FijiFirst has what it takes to lead Fijians for the next four years.

He also says the FijiFirst has done a marvelous job over the past years and he regrets his actions in 2000.

“I was in Nukulau Island and I had a vision back then. After serving my time I went to Australia and in 2006 the then commander of the Fiji Military Forces, our Honorable Prime Minister, came to see me in Sydney in the year 2006 so back then in Sydney we talked about the clean-up process to be done in Fiji.”

Responding to Naqari, FijiFirst General Secretary Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum agreed with the sentiments of supporting the party.

“I mean a lot of people sometimes portray politics in Fiji to be an ethnic issue, they want it to be an ethnic issue, it should not be an ethnic issue, its about policies, its about inclusiveness, its what leadership and good vision the government has.”

The FijiFirst is expected to hold more campaign rallies in the coming weeks.