Still no agreement between Fiji Water and NWU

May 16, 2024 6:45 am

Fiji Water and the National Union of Workers (NWU) will again continue deliberations today.

After two days of intense mediation, the two parties have still not reached an agreement.

The ongoing negotiations, which were anticipated to yield a resolution, have been extended, with both parties scheduled to reconvene today.

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There were indications late afternoon that Fiji Water and the NWU, representing the striking staff, were on the brink of issuing a joint statement signaling the end of the standoff.

However, contrary to expectations, the media was informed that discussions would persist into another day, dashing hopes of an immediate resolution.

The striking workers, stationed outside Fiji Water sites in Yaqara and Lautoka, have been vocal in their demands, advocating for improved working conditions and fair treatment.

168 staff are currently on strike.