Bank pledges support for indigenous business workshop

May 15, 2024 6:38 am

[Source: Fiji Indigenous Business Council/ Facebook]

The Fiji Indigenous Business Council is gearing up for a transformative event aimed at strengthening indigenous entrepreneurship.

FIBC President Ulaisi Taoi highlights that with only a small fraction of businesses owned by indigenous Fijians compared to foreign companies, there is a clear need to refocus, rethink and re-strategize business approaches.

Taoi emphasized the significant gap with approximately 16,000 foreign companies in Fiji overshadowing indigenous enterprises, which make up less than five per cent of the market.

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However, he states with governmental support and the right products, indigenous businesses can thrive.

[Source: Fiji Indigenous Business Council/ Facebook]

The theme, “Refocus, Rethink, and Re-strategize,” stresses the necessity for adaptability and innovation in navigating challenges.

“We still in the minority as far as business is concerned indigenous businesses. I mean there’s about 16,000 foreign companies in Fiji and less than 5% or better indigenous. So we have, you know, quite a margin. And we expect government to come in as well.”

Bred Bank’s Chief Executive Officer Thierry Charras-Gillot demonstrated support by contributing $10,000 as a platinum sponsor for the workshop.

Charras-Gillot emphasized Bred Bank’s commitment to social and economic inclusion, aiming to empower self-sufficient indigenous communities.

“I take this opportunity to invite the indigenous businesses to take full advantage of the workshop has between a certain relationship between indigenous communities, government agencies, corporations, and other stakeholders to create opportunities for growth andcollaboration.”

The upcoming Fiji Indigenous Business Council/Fijian Holdings Ltd Workshop, scheduled for May 29-30 presents a timely opportunity for indigenous business owners to explore fresh avenues for advancing their enterprises to new heights.