We need to have a clean organization: Fong Chew

May 16, 2024 4:32 pm

National Talanoa Session on Responding to Illicit Drugs in Fiji Symposium

We cannot have police officers in the force who are involved in drugs.

This has been highlighted by Acting Police Commissioner Juki Fong Chew during the National Talanoa Session on Responding to Illicit Drugs in Fiji Symposium.

Fong Chew says there are a lot of issues raised, especially the involvement of police in the drug issue.

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He acknowledged that it is a big issue and if they want to move forward then they need to have a clean organization that is supportive in trying to minimize the drug issue.

He adds that they have followed due process, and some have been taken to court and, upon being found guilty, have been kicked out of the organization.

“Some cases are still pending in court, and whatever the court decides, we will take our que from there. We cannot have police officers who are involved in drugs.”

Fong Chew says that they are making drug-related arrests daily, whether they are green or white drugs.

He adds says the two big drug raids conducted in Fiji were due to information from the streets.

“Whoever police picked up the information from, we went down to a particular location with the raid conducted and the seizure happened. Plus the other one that followed one week later. Those cases now are still pending in court.”

Therefore, Fong Chew says they need support as they are limited in numbers and cannot do it alone.

He adds that through information sharing, they have been able to make arrests.