Ro Filipe calls for gender equality in maritime sector

May 18, 2024 4:36 pm

[Source: MSAF/ Facebook]

The International Day of Women in Maritime observed yesterday serves as a platform to promote the recruitment, retention, and empowerment of women in the maritime sector while advocating for a barrier-free work environment.

While officiating at the event, Chief Guest, Minister for Transport, Ro Filipe Tuisawau, emphasized the significance of this day in elevating the visibility of women within the maritime community and fostering wider representation at decision-making levels.

Minister Tuisawau acknowledged that the maritime industry remains male-dominated and emphasized the need for men to actively support women’s advancement, starting from within their own homes.

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“He urged collective efforts to overcome barriers and create an inspiring and encouraging work environment where all individuals, regardless of gender, can thrive and contribute to the maritime sector’s growth and safety.”

[Source: MSAF/ Facebook]

Whether as seafarers, maritime professionals, or leaders, he says women contribute significantly to maritime safety and industry advancement.

Under the theme “Safe Horizons: Women Shaping the Future of Maritime Safety,” Tuisawau underscored the crucial role women play in enhancing safety measures within the maritime sector.