Peace experts meet PM Rabuka

May 15, 2024 9:53 am

[Source: Fiji Government/Facebook]

A group of peace experts met with Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka in London, highlighting their support for the “Zone of Peace” concept.

The concept proposed by the Prime Minister at the UN General Assembly last year aims to promote peace in Fiji and create a future characterized by regional and global solidarity and the collective well-being of humanity.

The Prime Minister says that peace-building at home, in the region and on the global stage is the key agenda for Fiji and a priority of the Government.

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It was highlighted during the meeting that the concept must align with the peace and security agenda and existing regional framework that reflects the priorities of the initiative.

Discussions also focused on how peace can address critical areas such as the climate crisis, food and human security, poverty and wars.

The PM expressed his gratitude to the team for their interest in his vision, adding that promoting peace should be a collective effort.

The experts have shown their support to the Prime Minister in contextualizing and achieving his vision towards an Ocean of Peace.