PRB to provide financial training to tenants

January 19, 2024 4:27 pm

General Manager of the Public Rental Board, Timoci Naleba

The Public Rental Board will be providing financial training assistance to tenants so that they can save enough money for future endeavours.

This has been highlighted by the General Manager of the Public Rental Board Timoci Naleba during the signing of the integrity contract of the Mead Road properties on Wednesday.

Naleba says that they are providing training for the tenants on how to save money to ensure they are able to graduate to home ownership.

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“The first three years you know we will give the tenants the contract for three years. within those periods we hope that they would be able to either have enough money top move out and start their own or build their own properties otherwise we will give them another three years.”

Naleba adds that they will give the families a maximum of 6 years however taking into consideration of the high cost of living, they are providing extra services to assist the tenants to save money as well.

He also acknowledges the fact that there has been families who have been residing in the flats for more than 25 years.