Queensland granddad dies after three-hour wait for hospital bed

November 21, 2023 11:47 am

[Source: 1News]

One of Queensland’s busiest hospitals will be upgraded after a grandfather died following a three-hour wait in an ambulance.

Ipswich hospital west of Brisbane will receive 12 extra beds at the emergency department’s short stay unit, the Health Minister says.

Shannon Fentiman said the hospital would also be boosted with 24 new beds in acute wards to help improve patient flow following Wayne Irving’s death.

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Irving is believed to have suffered a fatal heart attack as he was being transferred from a stretcher to an Ipswich hospital bed after waiting three hours outside in the back of an ambulance.

“There are some initiatives we can begin to immediately roll out to support probably one of our busiest hospitals,” Fentiman said.

The Health Minister said staff recruitment had begun to cover the extra resources at Ipswich hospital.

“We know our emergency departments are seeing more people than ever before,” she said.

“Despite those huge numbers we are seeing ED wait times come down. The median wait time is now 15 minutes across the state.

“Ipswich has had better performance in the last three months but I acknowledge there is a long way to go.”

Fentiman has committed to implementing any recommendations from a clinical review of Irving’s death and the coroner.

A GoFundMe fundraiser has been set up for foster carer Irving’s family, including his wife of 43 years Barbara.

“Wayne had a soul that beamed happiness and pride all the time. You could see it in his eyes when he was surrounded by his family,” the fundraiser page said.

“Unfortunately Wayne’s death was unexpected and no life insurance was place, leaving Barb and his foster family in a hard financial state.

“Funds will be used to help his widow and young children to take time to grieve before they face the financial strain this has been put on the family.”

Queensland Ambulance Service has launched a review after reports a 51-year-old mother waited 90 minutes in Brisbane for paramedics before she died on Saturday.

Cath Groom is believed to have called Triple-0 with chest pains at about 10.30pm on Friday but cancelled the ambulance at midnight after paramedics did not arrive.

Her family said she went to bed and was found dead the next morning.

QAS said the incident was prioritised as requiring a “lights and sirens response” but there was a high level of demand at the time.

“Firstly, the Queensland Ambulance Service’s thoughts and condolences go out to the lady’s family and friends,” a QAS spokesperson told AAP.

“QAS is undertaking a comprehensive review of the clinical and operational aspects of this case as well as referring to the coroner.”