Owner fined $90k after bird injures doctor

February 1, 2023 9:33 am

It is unclear whether the parrot has been euthanised. [Source: BBC News]

A Taiwanese man has been given a two-month prison sentence and fined 3.04m New Taiwan dollars (US $91,350) after his pet parrot injured a doctor.

According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency, Dr Lin dislocated his hip joint and fractured his pelvis after a fall caused by a bird.

It landed on his back and startled him by repeatedly flapping its wings.

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A court heard that the owner had taken the bird and another macaw for a fly around near where Dr Lin was jogging.

Dr Lin sued the macaw’s owner – known only by his surname Huang – for negligent injury, and made a civil claim for compensation for his financial losses.

He told the courts that he was hospitalised for a week due to his injuries and was unable to work for more than half a year, needing six months to recuperate including three months of special care.

His lawyer told TVBS News that Dr Lin is a plastic surgeon, and his job involves “standing for a long period of time to perform surgery”, so the injury led to extensive financial losses.

“He can now walk, but if he stands for long periods, there is still numbness,” the lawyer said.

A representative from the Tainan District Court’s administrative division told the media that the case is “rare” and unlike any seen in a civil court over the last decade.

The court ruled that Dr Lin’s fall was caused by Huang’s negligence. According to Liberty Times, the judge said that the macaw’s size – 40cm in height with a wing span of 60cm – meant that Huang was in the ownership of a large animal, and should have taken “protective measures”.

The Central News Agency said the prison sentence was given “on the charge of causing unintentional injuries”.

Huang said that he respects the court’s decision but intends to appeal, arguing that macaws are not aggressive and that the compensation is “too high”.

The fate of the macaw remains unclear.