Weightlifting focuses on Rainibogi

January 13, 2024 1:00 pm

Weightlifting Fiji President Della Elder says the current focus is on three-time Pacific Games gold medalist Taniela Rainibogi’s preparations for the upcoming Paris Olympics.

Rainibogi made headlines by breaking six weightlifting records at the IWF Grand Prix in Qatar, securing a silver medal in the snatch event and two bronze medals in the clean and jerk.

Elder notes that Rainibogi has two more events to participate in before the Olympic selection process begins.

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“One is NZ that in February and another in Thailand in March we have not rested since my last interview in December. Our last competition was on the 23rd. We’ve only stopped when the venue closed for the festive season but we have never stopped.”

Elder emphasizes that the nation harbours abundant hidden talent, and the key is to actively seek and discover it.

She envisions a future where weightlifting could stand alongside rugby in terms of popularity and recognition.