More than just Volleyball for Mid-Central

March 30, 2024 7:37 am

The FWCC Mid-Central Volleyball team is diving into the sport with both passion and purpose, aiming to empower more youths to secure a better future.

They team also strive to support young people in transitioning to life after sports.

Mid-Central Under-19 Manager Matai Daulako says they have noted a trend and are doing their utmost best to change things around for the betterment of the younger generation.

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“We’re not all about a Volleyball tournament, we’re about empowering youths and we are using sports as a mean to create employment for them to also be a leader in their own society and the vision is that one day they will become leaders at whatever levels they are in, not only in communities and at work but mostly importantly we are trying to nurture a leader and a family.”

Daulako adds the team uses volleyball tournaments to provide a safe space and give youths something to look forward to after they decide to wrap up their volleyball career.

Their management team understands that it’s not an easy task, and it can be quite costly and are thankful for their sponsors.

Meanwhile, their senior men’s team are champions from the past two tournaments and they are hoping to secure this final sanctioned tournament along with the women’s and u-19 teams.

Fiji Volleyballs Easter Championship will conclude this evening at the Vodafone Arena.