Taekwondo to train for Olympic Qualifiers

January 19, 2024 4:10 pm

The Fiji Taekwondo Association will dispatch four athletes to the Taekwondo Training Camp in the Solomon Islands, where they will undergo a comprehensive two-week training program.

The training program is designed to prepare athletes for the Paris Olympics qualifiers and Fiji Taekwondo hopes to make their first appearance.

President Nimesh Narayan says this is a valuable opportunity, one they are eager to seize wholeheartedly, aiming to maximize their skill development in the sport.

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“First time we have been nominated to attend the Olympic Games in Solomons, that’s something like camping. So the camping will be for preparing the athletes – the how and what to do while they are in the Olympics if they qualify for the Olympics so that’s what’s going on right now for their preparations.”

He adds this is a step closer to the four athletes’ Olympic dream.

The team of four will set off for the Solomon Islands on Sunday.