Loganimasi on Golling’s radar for LA 7s

February 9, 2023 6:53 am

Ponipate Loganimasi (left). [Source: FRU]

The wait may soon be over for Fiji 7s extended squad member Ponipate Loganimasi.

Head Coach Ben Gollings has been impressed with the Uluinakau captain and rover in the recent local 7s tournaments.

Gollings says he has recognized the skills of Loganimasi who can play in more than one position.

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“When you see him playing like we did in Nawaka when you put him around extra quality like we have on this side it really brings out the quality more in him and we’re excited about what he can achieve, he’s obviously a great athlete and for such a tall guy he can be in utility for a number of different positions”

The national coach says it’ll be difficult to select his final squad for the LA 7s.

“I’m definitely looking at opening things up a little bit and giving an opportunity to players I can’t say that I guarantee that right now but definitely if things go well for him in the next few weeks, he’s definitely going to put his hand up in terms of making my selection difficult and interesting”

Fiji is preparing for the Los Angeles 7s later this month.